Ornithischia or Predentata is an extinct order of beaked, herbivorous dinosaurs. The name ornithischia is derived from

220px-Ornithischia pelvis structure.svg

the Greek ornitheos (ορνιθειος) meaning 'of a bird' and ischion (ισχιον) meaning 'hip joint'. They are known as the 'bird-hipped' dinosaurs because of their bird-like hip structure, even though birds actually belong to the 'lizard-hipped' dinosaurs (the saurischians).

Some commonly known Ornithischians include the horned dinosaurs (ceratopsians), armored dinosaurs (stegosaurs and ankylosaurs), Iguanodon, and the "duck-billed" dinosaurs (hadrosaurids). Being herbivores that sometimes lived in herds, they were more numerous than the saurischians. Many were prey animals for the theropods and were usually smaller than the sauropods.